Get full Benefit from your Isometrics Workout

Training with isometrics has been scientifically proven to be the fastest way you can get in shape. In 5 minutes, you can work out your entire body. If you’re just trying to build muscle, you don’t even have to work out every day. If you want to develop cardio fitness with it, you can simply walk for 20 minutes or so. There are countless routines you can use to fit your fitness level and lifestyle. Here is a simple example for a total body routine on Isometric exercises: You can start with quadriceps extensions, calf raises, and then hamstring curls. Then abdominal stretching then lower back flexing. Next you can flex your chest and biceps, and finish up with upper back and triceps flexes.

One would think that exercise has to hurt to be effective. When using Isometric training, this is not the case. Isometric exercise is safe for all ages. You can avoid the torture of painful gym workouts and gain the same results. When you are not in pain, you tend to want to work out again and not dread future work outs. You’ll have less desire to just quit. You hold muscle resistance at a specified tension point, and gradually increase. You’re not stretching to the point of pain or burning.

Getting healthy and in better physical shape doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. A great exerciser called the OsteoBall, can cost 30-70 dollars. Astronauts have used this product to keep their muscles and bones healthy while in space. Dr. Robert Swezey, the OsteoBall inventor, found a solution for patients suffering Arthritis and painful joints. The OsteoBall is a lightweight, partially inflated ball that patients could stretch and squeeze it isometrically and be able to strengthen muscle and bones effectively.

What muscles are used when your jumping?

Jumping Muscles

Ever wondered what muscles are used in jumping the most, so you can focus on those particular muscles? A study has shown, what muscles are used most in jumping. Don’t forget that you need to utilize every muscle when jumping and not just train one specific muscle.

The study listed above shows the muscle groups and their percentages of use;
A. Lower body
hip extention
knee extention
plantar flexion.

B. Back:

C. Shoulders:

Please note that everyone is different, and its best to train all your muscles when performing vertical jump training or jumping. All the muscles used in jumping should be trained equally, bare in mind that for example, if this study says that the bicep is a vital tool in jumping, it does not say that you must train that solely, you must train your jumping muscles equally.
How to increase your hangtime
There is absolutely no way for you to increase your hang time. The only way to actually increase the time you’re in the air for is to increase your vertical! Some people like Michael Jordan appear to float, or have hang time, but it’s just an illusion he makes with his legs.

Hang time is all about the illusion, but for the illusion to work, you need to jump higher and faster. To jump higher you need to increase your vertical leap, so there is no actual way to increase the time you hang in the air, but you can increase the time you are in the air for.

Sports science also did a video on this and they busted the myth, hang time is not real, its an illusion.

Choosing The Best Online Nursing School

During the last year alone, some 41,500 aspiring individuals were placed on the wait list for admission to a nursing school or were denied admission to one. If you happen to be Registered Nurse (RN) and want to get a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing (BSN) without getting into a wait list or being turned down, this may be helpful and details the benefits available on online nursing schools.

Registered Nurse To A Bachelor in Nursing Science (BSN) Degree
A bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing will go a long way in the advancement of your nursing career. Most Registered Nurses or other potential nurses do not consider applying for the degree on some of the online schools available out of the State or in the country. Nevertheless, some of the very best, fully accredited schools offer, online, their nursing programs to out of State individuals.

There are some benefits that come along with the acquisition of an Bachelor in Nursing Science for a Registered Nurses. There are some essential factors that should be considered when choosing a nursing school to attend. Though online nursing schooling is relatively new, they are not fade, not by any means. Serious individuals and Registered Nurses can take advantage of these new opportunities and get their degrees online.

Registered Nurses and other individuals seriously interested in a nursing career and are interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing will be surprised to hear about the various advantages of attending an online program. A few of the benefits are:

? Generally no waiting lists. But this is likely to change in the near future..
? Attend classes according to your convenience with an Internet connection.
? Save time and money in driving, finding a parking place and walking to and from class.
? Online schools can be as much as fifty percent cheaper than regular schools.
? Get a degree quickly, with as few as thirty credit hours.

Three Steps To Finding The Best Online Nursing Schools
1. The first thing that you must understand is the degree that you intend to earn. It is essential to see that the particular school or college that is offering the degree is offering the best coaching for the degree. Pick a wrong school and you are in for a disaster. The following tips will help you choose the best online nursing school to get your degree.

Go to a fully accredited nursing school with a fully accredited program for the nursing degree. Regional accreditation is the best that a school can have. The U.S. as only six regional accrediting institutions for colleges and universities:

? Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
? North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
? Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
? Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
? Western Association of Colleges and Schools
? Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

2. If you want the absolute best then search for one that has a supplemental nursing accreditation like one form the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

3. Find a non-profit college. State run colleges or universities usually offer the best education in nursing. These schools are usually affiliated with a hospital so that the teaching staff are the best you can find in the field. Attending school online will definitely turn out to be less expensive that on-campus programs, even for an out-of-State student.

The Necessity Of Acquiring A Nursing School Degree For The Health Of Your Career
When you attend an accredited nursing school, college or university, you enjoy certain benefits that you will not enjoy if you attend a non-accredited one. It is not worth taking chances with your career. There are two reasons why you should get the best possible education.

1. If you attend an accredited then the classes that you have completed and passed will be accepted in another accredited school should you transfer to one or if plan on obtaining a higher degree. In addition, in a profession like nursing, which is regulated, an accredited certificate or degree will ensure acceptance by any employer.
2. Attending an accredited educational institution also helps to pay for your education. Accredited institutions have the ability to offer full Federal funded financial aid packages which will include scholarships, grants, work-study and loans. Unaccredited schools cannot offer such full packages.

It may not have been your intention to get admitted to an accredited online nursing school initially. But getting it from an online school has its own advantages and might get you a prestigious degree if you carefully choose the online school that you join.

HIIT Tips & Suggestions

The key to fat loss is HIIT.  HIIT is the most effective form of cardio. The key to HIIT is the high and low.

During the high you really need to go as hard as possible so I recommend counting your reps during the first round.  Then in the following rounds, try to match or beat those reps during each round of highs. If you are able to have a conversation while you are in your high period then you are not going hard enough.

The low is basically your active recovery period so you need to stay active even if it is just walking in place.  I have seen others recommend doing two equally difficult exercises for the entire duration of your HIIT. That will cause you to decrease your intensity over time. To get the most effective HIIT session you really want that up and down momentum.

My current HIIT routines for the next few weeks are:

40 seconds of no rope jump rope for the high and 20 seconds of toe touches for the low
30 seconds of skaters for the high and 30 seconds of high knees for the low

I rotate these routines.  I will switch out my HIIT routines each month for variety so my body gets a new challenge and you should do the same. With any exercise routine, when your body becomes accustomed to the exercise it starts to plateau.

You can pick one of the above routines or create your own from the lists below.  Set your interval timer to 30 second intervals for a total of 15 minutes.  For more challenging HIIT routine you can increase your high to 40 seconds and your low to 20 seconds. Because of the intensity of HIIT you do not want to do these more than three times a week.

There are many different exercises you can do, including:


Mountain climbers
Jumping lunges
Jumping squats
No rope jump rope
Kettlebell swings (see below)
Jumping jacks
Box jumping
Skaters or Lateral jumps (see below)


Walking in place
High knees
Toe touches (swinging leg up and reaching toward toe)

Skaters or Lateral Jumps:

Kettlebell Swings:

Need an interval timer? You can purchase this cute pink Gymboss, download an interval timer for your smartphone, or use this free timer online.   It all depends on what works for you.

Recipe Whole Wheat Tortillas

I had no idea how easy it was to make homemade whole wheat tortillas.  I really enjoy tortillas and these did not disappoint.  I loved that they were so simple to make and the taste was so flavorful.  My little ones loved them.  I think my one year old loved them more than I did.  He kept wanting more.  I found the recipe on one of my new favorite blogs, 100 Days of Real Food.  Lisa used avocado oil but I didn’t have any so I had to use canola oil.  Next time I will definitely use a more healthy oil.  I’ve never used avocado oil so I’m excited to give it a try.  She also used a mixer to make the tortillas but I did it by hand.  It was still super simple and all you need are four ingredients.

2 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1/2 cup of oil
1 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of warm water (heated in the microwave for 1 minute)

If you are going to use a mixer I suggest following Lisa’s instructions but if you want to do it by hand here is how I did it.

In a large bowl combine flour and salt
Add oil and mixed until thoroughly combined
Slowly add warm water using a wooden spoon until dough is smooth
Separate dough into twelve pieces
Roll dough into balls then flatten
Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 15 minutes or so
Heat up frying pan to medium high.  I used a non-stick pan but Lisa suggests a cast iron skillet.
Lightly flour board (really just use enough so the dough doesn’t stick to your board or rolling pin) and roll out tortilla thin
Spray pan with a non-stick spray (I used olive oil spray)
Tortilla will start to bubble and brown; cook on both sides then enjoy

I made these tortillas with ground turkey seasoned with my taco seasoning, pinto beans, tomatoes, and romaine topped with plain 2% Greek yogurt and salsa.  YUMMY!!  I didn’t get to make tacos though because I ate too many tortillas while cooking them so I made a salad instead.


I never thought this day would come, but I’m now engaged to my BF of 2.5 years!!!
We got the ring yesterday!  It is unreal, totally gorgeous!  I will post a pic soon!
We’re thinking about a year from now to be married.  Fun fun fun!

On another note, I missed 3 days of working out. I went today and did some chest,
back and abs. It wasn’t a full out workout, but I went and got something in! lol

I’m really excited about preparing for the BIG DAY!